Ake-Vono Music Video

Ake-Vono, the latest music video for Osaka-based band Networks, is a stunning animation by animator/director Kohei Yoshino, one half of the Tokyo studio Tank Top.

A narrative running through transformations, this bizarre yet thrilling video follows the surreal journey of an airplane as it evolves into various ephemeral forms–a rocket, a spacecraft, a bird-like machine and an enigmatic, sentient ship-like creature that soars through a multicoloured wormhole at light speed, a superflat machine throwing off 3D rendered debris.

The ending, in which the story-world returns to its original state, pairs well with the narrative’s vague allusion to the whole experience being a passenger’s dream—a dream many imaginations have had in the monotony of a long haul flight.

The soft pastel colour scheme complements the animation’s simply designed shapes and objects, the bubblegum tones afford the narrative its whimsy and absurdity. Yoshino has completely transformed Networks’ pop single, an example of the fragile balance between a piece of music and its video—is the song the backbone of the video, or the video now the backbone of the song?

This is Yoshino’s second video for Networks. He’s also worked on projects for Toyota, Suzuki and TV Tokyo, both on his own and as part of Tank Top.


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