Albion – A new typeface from Letterbox

STUDIO:  Letterbox
DESIGNER(S):  Lan Huang

Albion is named after a specific part of Brunswick, the inner-city Melbourne suburb where it was created. Apart from this geographic reference, the name Albion also refers to the printing press of the same name (used for commercial book printing until the middle of the nineteenth century).

Designed over a period of two years, this sans serif typeface has finally been completed, sporting some six weights with their matching italics (12 fonts in total).

Considering the recent revival in signwriting practices and culture, the emergence of Albion is well timed. Its distant origins lie on an old show-card face known generically as Single Stroke Gothic (drawn by using a single brush stroke). Although this source has been completely remodelled from the ground up to provide a very serviceable text sans, it is in the tiny details that its origins have been happily retained such as in the fine tapers in the heavier weights – a feature that once represented the endpoints of the brushwork.

As with many new opentype format families it also features a considerable set of alternates, allowing for greater flexibility in more complex typographic settings.


  • Albion_02
  • Albion_03
  • Albion_04
  • Albion_05
  • Albion_06
  • Albion_08
  • Albion_09_black

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