Alchemist charm for White’s Dispensary, by Studio Equator

Melbourne-based Studio Equator have given the humble pharmacy back its alchemist charm (with a modern cleanliness) in their branding and signage work for White’s Dispensary. The chemist sought to stand apart within the industry by focusing on its beauty, health and luxury goods sections, with an emphasis on customer service and trustworthiness – achieving a boutique, small business feel for a multi-state chain.

Expanding on the rebrand, Studio Equator created a custom set of icons — designed with reference to medical symbols — which were applied to White’s services and products, both reflecting the brand typography and enhancing the pharmacy’s way finding system.

“The ultimate goal is to reposition the brand to better service the market, and in doing so, change the way companies behave in an industry that hasn’t changed in decades,” the studio explained. “This has allowed the visual identity to grow, with the ability to change quickly and keep up with customer demands and challenges.”

Large-scale graphics reiterate Whites’ philosophy that “Health is the measure of wealth” and are supported by quotes from historical figures, applied to shelving and signage throughout the space. With a style more readily seen in the interiors of the fashion and hospitality sectors, the colour, materials and finishes are a scheme of raw timber, green, white, black and gold, separating each section – Health, Wellbeing, and Beauty, complete with checkerboard tiled floor, custom joinery, reclaimed timber, concrete bricks, custom light fittings and industrial furniture.

The main feature of the signage system in store are bespoke large-scale 3-dimensional typographical shelving forms. These were each designed and hand-made, as the studio explain, “as a central visual point serving as both signage and shelving.” The lettering is softly back lit, and positioned above the dispensary area.

This project has been shortlisted in the 2014 Create Design Awards. See more of the shortlisted entries, or buy tickets to the gala here.

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