Alzheimer’s Australia

STUDIO:  Interbrand Australia
CLIENT:  Alzheimer's Australia

Interbrand was tasked with completely rebranding Alzheimer’s Australia, including visual and verbal identity, literature system, brochures, stationery and website, TVC and sponsorship and partner branding.

Mike Rigby, creative director Interbrand Australia said, “To cut through the clutter of the charity landscape, we put a fighting spirit and strong tone of voice at the heart of the new brand. It is designed to create a national movement, not just another campaign. It features a flexible logo that changes and evolves to communicate different messaging. The identity is bold, simple and clear, and deliberately very cost effective to implement. Using two colours and often, just four words.”

  • USB
  • BALL
  • KeepCup
  • aalogo

3 Responses

  1. Rachael

    I love the bold simplicity of it! Especially liking the USB and take away coffee jacket.

  2. Many thanks Rachael,

    You can see some more applications and images from yesterdays protest launch in Canberra here:

  3. Rowena

    Beautiful, very strong and modern but not crass.

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