Annu Kilpelainen continues her winning ‘streak’

Finnish born, London based illustrator Annu Kilpeläinen has updated her site with new work, with self-initiated work and commissions becoming even brighter and more depth-destroying than ever.

We have worked with Annu a couple of times, namely in our October and December issues last year, and we can attest to her super fast turnaround and seemingly endless ability to turn mundane moments or everyday objects into exciting swathes of flat colour, patched together like a post-modern quilt, and lift it all up with a light-hearted humour (see her air freshener illustration for our Scent of Service story). A look through her new work shows an emerging use of paint as well as her signature streaky marker pen, allowing a certain chaotic, serendipitous quality on top of all the semi-ordered jazz.

Annu has also released her first book in the past couple of months and she tells us has started work on a new colouring book for this year’s Pick Me Up London event.

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