Architectural Review relaunch

STUDIO:  Architectural Review in-house team
DESIGNER(S):  Sabine Selbach
CLIENT:  Niche Media

Architectural Review Australia has been recently been relaunched as Architectural Review Asia Pacific. Under its new guise, the magazine is expanding its focus to incorporate more regional content which will bring the magazine into step with the architectural discipline’s increasingly global outlook.

According to AR art director Sabine Selbach, what people will notice straight away is the larger size of the magazine, crisp stock and a new concept for the cover with the new logo, theme and coverlines.

Within the magazine, Selbach has used a twelve-column grid to enable flexibility in the organisation of each page, allowing a choice of either a one, two, three or four column design. The main font used is Akkurat, a clean, modern and simple design from Swiss font foundry Lineto, while headlines use Replica – which has an interesting, playful character. New graphic elements incorporated in the redesign include maps for project reviews, bolder headlines and section bars at the top of each page in an AR house colour, all of which help the reader navigate through the content.

A much thicker, higher grade stock has been used in the redesign. “Essays are printed on a beautifully grainy, uncoated paper, while project reviews get a high gloss treatment, allowing for a crisp reproduction of photography and plans. The stock difference also makes it much easier for people to find their way to the projects or vice versa,” explains Selbach.

Disclosure: Architectural Review and desktop magazine are both published by Niche Media.

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