Architecture Australia redesign

STUDIO:  Chase and Galley
DESIGNER(S):  Stuart Geddes & Tristan Main
CLIENT:  Architecture Australia

The redesign of Architecture Australia tries to balance the history of a 100 year old journal with the current requirements of its content under fantastic new editor Timothy Moore, who took over the editorship after several years as managing editor of Volume magazine in the Netherlands. The design tries to bring together a sense of conservatism and history, institutionalism even, while in parallel being contemporary – so there are moments that are very classically composed while others are ungainly and idiosyncratic. It tries to straddle being the journal of record of the Australian Institute of Architects, while also being a magazine that has its own appeal on the newsstand. The discreet sections in the magazine have their own varying design logics, but are tied together by a common typographic palette in Platform and Guardian, both from Commercial Type. The underlying grid is nice and complex, allowing flexibility and responsiveness to content across the life of the design – Geddes wants it to be a magazine that can evolve and do justice to its content.

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