Ariel Foulard

STUDIO:  Kreativehouse
DESIGNER(S):  Cristian Grossi

The latest five headscarves from the Ariel for Pinko collection are true illustrated tables realised by Italian designer Cristian Grossi. Retro embellishments inspired by Erté, lysergic colors and figures stolen from a dream-like imaginary world recreate a contemporary mood with a strong visual impact, thanks to a basic and hesitant trait, that defines a balance between kitsch and a new formal elegance.

Balancing between art and fashion, these 15 square inch headscarves, printed on super-pure cotton, are little artworks that embellish dresses, accessories and also walls.

  • cristian-grossi-scarf-pinko-animato.gif
  • cristian-grossi-pinko-foulard-fantacane.jpg
  • cristian-grossi-pinko-foulard-sfingi.jpg
  • 52_d08beige-exec.jpg
  • 1_foulard-cristian-grossi-pinko-scarf.jpg

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  1. silvie

    I don’t think it’s kitsch. I think it’s a moving poetry. Gorgeous!

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