Armour 3D

STUDIO:  Cutting Edge
DESIGNER(S):  Holly Ryan and Stephen Lance, Taxi Films
CLIENT:  Seven With Another

Award-winning director Stephen Lance of Taxi Films collaborated with jeweller Holly Ryan to create an immersive 3D video installation for the fifth edition of Brisbane Powerhouse Museum’s annual exhibition series, Seven With Another. Cutting Edge Brisbane was invited along for the ride to deliver a stunning hybrid of futuristic VFX imagery in Stereoscopic 3D, best viewed with anaglyph glasses.

Inspired by the sci-fi stylings of the film Fifth Element, Armour creates a space where body and adornment collide. The world exists as a bleak projection of the future, a highway underpass in striking black and white. The androgyne prepares for something important, reaching for pieces of tribal armour, jewellery used to adorn and bind them for battle. The result is striking, evocative and far from the ordinary.

  • Armourheadpiece.jpg
  • Armour4.jpg
  • Armour3.jpg
  • Armour_01A.jpg
  • Armour_E.jpg
  • Armour_A.jpg

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