Asialink Leaders Program

STUDIO:  Beyond the Pixels
DESIGNER(S):  Beyond the Pixels
CLIENT:  Asialink Leaders Program

Asialink is Australia’s leading centre for the promotion of public understanding of Asia and Australia’s role in the region. Established in response to Australia’s growing engagement with Asia, the Asialink Leaders Program builds leaders through knowledge of contemporary Asian societies and business cultures.

Beyond the Pixels were invited to reinvigorate the Program’s brochure by reflecting the aspirational nature of the program itself. The styling was designed to be used as a foundation for further program collateral as it’s required.

  • AsiaLk_LP_1_web
  • AsiaLk_LP_2_web
  • AsiaLk_LP_3_web
  • AsiaLk_LP_4_web
  • AsiaLk_LP_5_web
  • AsiaLk_LP_6_web

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