Atypical painted letterforms from Poland’s Pawel Nolbert

We continue to see analogue and digital processes collide, forming a distinct aesthetic that borrows from the best of both realms. Atypical is a harmonious blend of digital illustration and typography, from Warsaw-based designer, Pawel Nolbert’s creative venture called HelloColor. A crafted investigation of letterform, the series of posters explore the “form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures.”

Created by photographing a collection of carefully articulated paint splatters, then merged using digital illustration techniques, the group of 8 posters “were built from elaborate artistic painterly gestures into expressive arrangements – extending the aesthetic characteristic of typography.”

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As type continues to become synonymous with black pixels that are tapped onto a white screen, it is refreshing to see typography move beyond the constraints of a two-dimensional canvas. Swirling and erupting, each letter seems to be captured mid-motion as if caught spontaneously in the midst of an organic fluster.

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Prints are available in various dimensions to purchase from Society6.

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