Australian Youth Orchestra identity

STUDIO:  Landor Sydney
DESIGNER(S):  Executive creative director: Mike Staniford, Creative director: Nichola Dearn, Senior designer: Matt Morgan, Motion designer: Andrew Dyer, Client manager: Marivel Izon, Strategist: Richard Swain.
CLIENT:  Australian Youth Orchestra

At the forefront of orchestral training, the Australian Youth Orchestra needed a brand identity that reflected its position. It needed to inspire excellence in young classical musicians, from emerging, gifted, school-aged students to those on the verge of a professional career.

Landor was asked to develop a brand strategy that reflected that positioning and which would drive a campaign to attract additional donor support. It also had to continue to attract the best quality young musicians in Australia and expand the AYO’s presence.

The new logo represents the idea ‘From Raw Talent to Perfect Harmony.’ Taking inspiration from the lines of musical staves, it is constructed with two forms for each letter. The inner letter is informal and quirky, representing raw talent and the outer balanced and structured, representing perfect harmony. The outer shape remains constant, while the inner moves and changes. A logo that captures the professionalism and passion of the organisation.

An expressive photo style captures the energy of the participants and a bright colour palette reflects the Australian spirit.

In the iPad app, the logo appears in many different juxtapositions, as well as interacting with musicians themselves. It has also been animated to the orchestra playing Shostakovich.

  • AYO_Board-image-01
  • AYO_Board-image-06
  • AYO_Board-image-02
  • AYO_Board-image-08

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