Authentic expression: Build’s visual language for Levi’s

In collaboration with Bob Sheard at Fresh Britain, a new ‘typographic visual language’ was constructed by Build to align with a refreshed brand vision seeking to emanate “authentic expression”. To reinforce the concept of ‘authenticity’, the studio crafted a typeface using the iconic Levi’s arcuate as a starting point — with each letter dissected by the distinctive peak, edge and curve.

Levi’s Brand President James Curleigh exclaims that ”Fresh Britain unfucks brands,” which undoubtedly lead to the new identity objective: “unfuck” the future. On their blog, Build explain “We’ve worked with Bob Sheard and his team at Fresh Britain on a few projects over the years (including Salomon and Dr Martens) but this one we particularly enjoyed… We did this back in 2013, and have been looking forward to the day we can show it.”

  • LS-05
  • L-4
  • LS-01
  • L-3
  • Levis-Guidelines-01
  • L-24
  • LS-03
  • LS-04
  • LS-02
  • L-2
  • L-22
  • L-1

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