Band: The Franklin Boutique Hotel

The Franklin Boutique Hotel has commissioned Adelaide-based design studio Band to develop a brand identity, including a new logotype and stack of print collateral, that would reflect the municipal edge of the small hotel.

Offering accommodation in the heart of Adelaide, the rooms are detailed with contrasting materials — gloss white tiles, exposed features and chipboard panels among original artwork from local artists. It is clear that, amongst this, an industrial sensibility has been combined with a smooth urban finish and continued throughout the rebrand process, creating an identity that relies on material simplicity and raw finishes, with immediate legibility.

The merging of the industrially stacked typography with a colour palette of warm blacks and neon highlights sits in line with the precedent of ‘factory chic’, made tactile with the considered use of weighted board and mixed paper,  finished with a white foil print detail.

The added touch of personality through the playful written language also warms the identity and the space itself, providing a sense of whimsy that may otherwise be consumed by the raw surroundings. Band’s identity is an appropriate portrayal of a hotel that is well aware of its urban skeleton.

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