Beautiful Traps

STUDIO:  Yiying Lu
DESIGNER(S):  Yiying Lu
CLIENT:  Self-initiated

Yiying Lu’s QR code illustration and stop motion project ‘Beautiful Traps’ features seven hand-painted portraits of different carnivorous plants: Rafflesia Arnoldii, Sundew, Voodoo Lily, Venus Flytrap, Sarracenia Leucophylla, Nepenthes Truncata and Nepenthes Rafflesianaan.

Upon scanning each image with a mobile device, the QR code will enable the user, immediate interaction with the portraits, sending the user to rewarding content (in this case a time-lapse video of the creation process of the artworks by the artist) which enhances the viewing experience.

This project is an expression of art, nature and technology and how they can interact in an unexpected yet interesting way.

  • 05_Topical_Pitcher_A
  • 07_Topical_Pitcher
  • 03_Voodoo_Lily
  • 02_Sundew
  • iphone-scan-1
  • 01_Rafflesia_Arnoldii

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