Beefgiving Season

STUDIO:  Cutting Edge
DESIGNER(S):  Cutting Edge
CLIENT:  Meat and Livestock Australia

Hot air balloons taking the shape of Federal opposition leaders Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard on a mid air collision course towards a kiss – even the frostiest relationships can be warmed with a hearty hot meal of beef.

BMF approached Cutting Edge 
to direct, design and deliver post-production for Meat and Livestock Australia’s Beefgiving Season campaign. The creative was to promote Beefgiving Day on
 14 July 2012, historically the coldest day of the year. Within a week of launch, the creative had over 111,000 hits on YouTube.

The campaign was an opportunity for Cutting Edge’s Ron Roberts to direct a VFX inspired spot where the imagery needed to look real and in-camera. Following a shoot in Canberra and Sydney for the barbecue gondola using Alexa, 5D
and GoPro cameras, the VFX 3D team built
 the balloons with Maya, detailed in ZBrush, animated and simulated the fabric in Maya and lit and rendered in Houdini Mantra. Close-up shots of the balloon taking off were achieved with a half set on scaffold, craned camera moves and some tricky match moving. The wide shots were entirely CG with the people and flames being composited in later.

  • Beef_Viralballoon.jpg
  • Beef_Viral_2sm.jpg
  • Beef_Viral_3sm.jpg
  • Beef_Viralgillard.jpg
  • Beef_Viral_6sm.jpg
  • Beef_Viral_7sm.jpg

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