CAMPER in the Volvo Ocean Race

STUDIO:  Farrow
DESIGNER(S):  Mark Farrow
CLIENT:  Camper

Spanish brand Camper have this year sponsored the Emirates team New Zealand’s entry in the Volvo Ocean Race. The aptly named entry ‘Camper’ has its designs penned from the British studio Farrow. Their projects have gained worldwide acclaim, and creative director Mark Farrow is considered to be one of the most important graphic designers working today.

Farrow explains that designing a 70’ocean yacht is a massive feat for the studio best known for their work with music packaging.

“This is an amazing project and one that as a team of graphic designers, you dream of being involved in. To be given a canvas of a hundred foot tall masts and a seventy-foot carbon- fibre boat is very, very special! In Camper we have found a creative kindred spirit who has been totally receptive to our ideas have as pushed us creatively more than most clients.”

The inspiration for the design is taken from ‘dazzle painting’, a paint scheme extensively used on battle ships during World War One. Drawing inspiration from abstract artists, dazzle ships were composed of a complex pattern of geometric shapes, interrupting and intersecting each other.

  • CAMPER VOR 3.jpg
  • Mini Campers @ Farrow.jpg

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