Cancer Council NSW infographic

STUDIO:  Tribal DDB Sydney
CLIENT:  Cancer Council NSW

Tribal DDB Sydney has worked with the Cancer Council NSW to create an interactive online infographic, Hope – Turning the Page on Cancer, to demystify cancer myths and reveal evidence-based facts on what causes cancer, primary risk factors and the five pillars of prevention.

The information is followed by a call to action asking users to publicly declare via Facebook and Twitter, the cancer risk factor they will commit to reducing this year.

“The infographic presents a large volume of detailed information in a really visual, interactive and easy to understand format, which is crucial as we move into a world of data overload,” said Matt Melik, director of Data and Publishing at DDB.

Print executions of the infographic complement the digital version, which will be hosted on as well as the Cancer Council NSW Facebook page.

  • Cancer Council click-tho#7C
  • Cancer Council infographic

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  1. Jen

    Well done DDB, don’t usually see this kind of work coming out of an agency…

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