Careermangoe Brand Development

STUDIO:  Sono Advertising
DESIGNER(S):  Sono Advertising
CLIENT:  Careermangoe

Careermangoe provides career strategy, job search skills, mentoring and training, with exclusive programs for international students and migrants seeking to successfully launch their career in Australia.

Brief: To create a distinct brand that successfully differentiated Careermangoe from competitors. The challenge was to create a vibrant brand which appeals to a range of nationalities and backgrounds whilst reflecting the company’s experience and knowledge.

Solution: The key component of the Careermangoe brand strategy is to communicate a powerful brand message of trust, experience and achieving results.

The Mark visually illustrates the individual journey taken through their cultural integration program. The colours reflect their diverse backgrounds and transparency overlaps symbolise integration into Australian culture.

The die-cut business cards further strengthen the brand and are flexible to the organisations growth into specialty branches with each branch reflected in a unique colour.

The ‘corporate savvy’ communication tone, applied to the website and powerpoint, visually communicates the brand experience and also appeals to the target market. The website utilises one of three random background images to portray a selection of nationalities and keep the single-page site fresh. The speech bubbles reflect the exchange of information and knowledge, advice and ideas communicated between Careermangoe and the client.

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