Carriageworks rebrand

STUDIO:  Boccalatte
CLIENT:  Carriageworks

Carriageworks has launched its 2012 season with a new identity and an integrated campaign. Boccalatte worked in collaboration with Carriageworks to develop a new visual brand strategy, a new logo, an integrated marketing campaign, advertising, the 2012 program catalogue, printed collateral, as well as signage and a new website.

Suzanne Boccalatte said that to attract a new and diverse audience of art and culture lovers, an overhaul of the visual brand and visual communications strategy was key: “A cultural institution with a smart identity and advertising is in the best position to not only hold its place, but become more visible in the ever expanding line-up of contemporary culture.” She describes the new identity as “simple, strong, like the building Carriageworks is housed in. No tricks. A brand that is functional, flexible and honest.”

The branding has just launched alongside the 2012 artistic program and new website, with the marketing and advertising campaign rolling out from this week.

  • Carriageworks-Print-Ad
  • Carriageworks-program-catalogue-1
  • Carriageworks-program-catalogue-2
  • Carriageworks-program-catalogue-3
  • Carriageworks-program-catalogue-4
  • Carriageworks-webite-1
  • Carriageworks-website-2
  • Carriageworks-Identity
  • carriageworks_logo

11 Responses

  1. michael

    Hardly a rebrand, using ‘CAPS LOCK’ isn’t exactly creative. I guess they had the juniors on this one. Been done.

  2. erin

    bearing in mind that a rebrand encompasses a hell of a lot more than the logo (michael), I actually like it. The new mark is a huge improvement on the old one. Far less corporate, undecorated, stronger, leaving the beautiful building and whatever is happening there at any given time the blank canvas to speak for itself, and for me represents the space and it’s fans (of which I’m one) far better. Nice work.

  3. Sue

    IS the place dead or just haunted?

  4. Steven

    The typography is pretty underwhelming. The photography is well executed, but nothing we haven’t seen before. Ok, but not great.

  5. michael

    Thanks Erin, Im well aware of what branding is, Im a creative Director. Add whatever spin on it you like, it’s still simply a typed word with no thought at all. And yes, a rebrand is much, much more than a logo and I can see little else that’s gone into it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the style, but let’s not go calling it a rebrand and like I said along with Stephen, “nothing we haven’t seen before”. Im sure the budget that went into the creative could have much better spent.

  6. Overall big improvement. No matter how this particular sausage got made, it’s a much nicer looking sausage than the old Carriageworks sausage.

    Amazing what a bit of clean typography and letting photography speak for itself can achieve. A few wobbly bits in implementation and the website feels a little underdone, but overall a good result.

    Settle down MichaeL

  7. Lovely of you to say Theo PETTARAS
    (why are we yelling last names again?)

  8. MichaeL

    Michael is a very common name…
    Know I am here: not at all impressed!

  9. I was confusing my michaels with my MichaeLs. Crisis over.


  10. John

    The website is very underwhelming – not at all functional, clunky and not intuitive in its design.

    The new branding, messaging and marketing feels a bit pretentious.

    The 2012 program has some highlights in it though.

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