Chiswick restaurant identity

STUDIO:  Frost* Design
CLIENT:  Chiswick restaurant - Matt Moran

Matt Moran’s new restaurant development in Woollahra, Chiswick, will launch this month with an identity and branding by Frost.

Frost’s brief was to create a brand that would position the new restaurant as a relaxed neighbourhood diner nestled in a historic garden setting. The creative solution is inspired by the gardens, as well at the recently planted 150 square metre vegetable garden.

“What I found exciting about this project was the potential of capturing the coming together of two gardens, that both embody the sentiments of their age as well as the dining experience,” said Vince Frost, founder and CEO of Frost*. “The marriage of the new vegetable patch, which is a very sustainable, contemporary idea, and the history-soaked, formal gardens gave us the idea of creating a solution that is both nostalgic and modern.”

Every element of the design has a botanical influence – from the logo design featuring tendril-like typography, through to the soft muted palette, sustainable materials and photographic studies of plants drawn from the gardens.

The logo is a bespoke version of AW Conqueror Didot light, a classic serif font design by famed French typographer Jean Francoise Porchez, who gave permission for Frost* to customise. The font was selected for its structure, like the formal garden, as well as it’s qualities of looseness and flow, which with the Frost* adaptations, are reminiscent of the leaves and stems of plant life.


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