Clear Ears

STUDIO:  Beyond the Pixels
CLIENT:  Clear Ears

Clear Ears (CE) is a professional earwax removal service using qualified nurses to conduct a unique and effective microsuction procedure.

The brand strategy workshop conducted with CE suggested a need to develop a brand that communicated a simple, safe and trusted procedure. We aimed to humanise the typically evasive experience, avoiding those clinical preconceptions, by using sensitively shot photography of the broad demographic – combined with bespoke illustrations to demystify the procedure.

During the brand development stage, Beyond the Pixels (BTP) and Clear Ears developed a custom online booking system. The software captures patient data through iPads, client-side online bookings and appointment scheduling across distinct clinic locations – all helping to streamline administration through a centrally managed back-end. This system is continually being improved as the business expands across Australia.

Patient photography: Beyond the Pixels; Web development: Silverpond, Aaron Moodie & Shaking Paper; Printing: Cassette.

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