Cloak & Dagger identity

STUDIO:  Interbrand Australia
DESIGNER(S):  Design director: Christopher Doyle; Design: Jefton Sungkar; Digital: Mike Tosetto
CLIENT:  Chantal Manning-Knight

Interbrand Sydney is responsible for a creating a new visual identity for creative recruitment specialist Chantal Manning-Knight.

When she approached Interbrand to look at rebranding, the team decided to reposition her business in a way that not only presents her skills, experience and passion for people, but also addresses the need for absolute secrecy and discretion. The solution? Chantal Manning-Knight is no longer a creative recruitment specialist. She is now Chantal Manning-Knight: head of Fittings, Alterations and Repairs for Cloak & Dagger, online purveyors of the finest coats and knives.
presents itself as an online store, specialising in personalised fittings, tailoring and alterations for businesses and individuals. Visitors can explore Cloak & Dagger’s philosophy, history and process, register for catalogue and product updates, and even book in for a fitting. All without revealing they are actually considering a career move.

Richard Curtis, managing director of Interbrand Sydney said, “It’s always exciting when we’re able to partner with clients who want to stand apart, and Chantal is an outstanding recruiter who has helped place many incredibly talented people in our own business.”

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