Commission Studio’s newest nautical fashion identity

Running with an overarching nautical theme, London-based Commission Studio worked with fashion brand Several; to combine the development of a new brand identity with “the diagrammatical language of fishing knots to create a distinctive visual campaign” across environmental graphics, invitations, installation pieces, branded give-aways, and online correspondence.

For their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection ready to be showcased at London Collections: Men, Several; drew inspiration for their latest line from Chris Killip’s photographic series of a North Yorkshire fishing village called ‘Skinningrove’ — an area which tied together a rugged working environment with the style of various youth subcultures from the early 1980s.

Accompanying the brand rollout, Several; tote bags feature a hand-painted year-of-release completed in ‘safety orange’. Boat decals were also hand-painted, in order to add authenticity to the collection’s installation.

  • Several-aw15-evites1
  • Several-aw15-Foiled-Test
  • Several-aw15-Invite-1
  • Several-aw15-Invite-Detail-1
  • Several-aw15-Invite-Detail-2
  • Several-aw15-Looks-1
  • Several-aw15-Looks-2
  • Several-aw15-tote-1
  • Several-aw15-tote-2
  • Several-aw15-tote-multiple
  • Several-aw15-wall-3
  • Several-aw15-wall-7
  • Several-aw15-wall-detail-1
  • Several-aw15-wall-detail-2
  • Several-aw15-window-detail
  • Several-aw15-window

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