Creative Instagrams #1: Every_Hey

Creative Instagrams will be looking at visual projects or sequences that are exclusively created to brighten our Instagram feeds, produced by designers, illustrators or other creative practitioners. Images that are made to be captured and distributed only through the Instagram format, disregarding images of work produced elsewhere, and challenging the selfie, food or pretty view culture of the medium.

The first of our Creative Instagram series is from Hey, a graphic design studio based in Barcelona, Spain. Their small team is renown for their playful, illustrative design work, with a house-style for bright vector palettes and minimalist form.

Their new Instagram feed Every_Hey exists outside their more traditional studio account, and celebrates all that the studio is known for – geometrically-carved portraits of celebrities or popular charters reduced to the bare minimum of their recognised distinctions, a credit to Hey’s eye for clever reduction.

  • Hey1
  • Hey2
  • Hey3
  • Hey4

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  1. These really help put a smile on my face. I love them. But whats the top left one? Doesn’t say the show’s name.

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