Curious Matter

STUDIO:  Gary Card
DESIGNER(S):  Gary Card
CLIENT:  Arjowiggins Creative Papers

Curious Matter from Arjowiggins Creative Papers is a new, patented paper that provides a tactile experience like no other. The science behind this avant-garde paper is daring and inspiring. In the same way that molecular gastronomy breaks down foods to reconstruct them in astonishing forms, the R&D team found a recipe that used the spherical particles of raw starch – a by product from the food industry – to form an arrestingly textured surface. The result is an up-cycled paper that hides its modest origins as industrial waste behind its sophisticated look and feel. To the touch, it exudes the impossible fusion of sand and silk, while the colours are so uniform, so intensely matt, that your eyes seem to sink to infinity in their depth. This paper that demands attention when you see it and is memorable the moment you pick it up.

To express the new papers’ creative potential, Arjowiggins Creative Papers has embarked on an adventurous artistic collaboration with designer Gary Card, a rising star of the London scene and fêted costume and set designer for Lady Gaga. He has used his wildly eccentric ideas to create an extravagant creature that is transformed from the earth by the hand of Man into an explosion of texture and colour. Learn more about the creation of these fantastical images here.

  • 02-ORIGIN_EVOLUTION_Rencontre_Recadre_RVB_BD
  • 04-EVOLUTION_SetDesign_Recadre
  • 05-EVOLUTIONS_Naissance_Recadre_RVB_BD
  • 06-EVOLUTION_Personnage_Recadre

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