Danish student reinvents covers of Jack Kerouac’s classics

A recent school project at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, spurred Torsten Lindsø Andersen to create a series of dizzying book covers for the classic series of Jack Kerouac novels. Each story features a slight variation on the same theme – a vibrant gradient composed of two bold hues, accompanied by clean white space and black sans serif type pushed to each corner.

Almost emanating their own toxic glow, the covers are altogether more contemporary and less-literal interpretations of the author’s narrative style than previous attempts from other artists and designers. Stories of a life on the road have encouraged countless covers to depict wide dusty planes, a lone wanderer or a car heading down an elusive path. Instead, Torsten has chosen to pursue imagery that is evocative and sensory rather than images that tell their own story by setting a scene, time or place. The back cover features block sans serif text against a white background, with minimal margins and all letters capitalised. Dense and rhythmic, the blurb almost becomes textural – much like the humming gradient seen on the front.


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