Design a wish for Greece

STUDIO:  Origin of Image
DESIGNER(S):  Concepts 1 & 2 by Soula Mantalvanos. Concept 3 Soula Mantalvanos & Amanda Cole
CLIENT:  Santorini Biennale of Arts

As Australians with Greek cultural backgrounds (from Greece and Cyprus), designers Soula Mantalvanos and Amanda Cole feel instantly drawn to the economic situation in Greece. Thus, they considered The Santorini Biennale of Arts’ ‘Design a Wish For Greece’ exhibition as a great opportunity to communicate their thoughts and ideally project some energy.

The exhibition brief, uprooted a few of their Greek culture’s emotional strings, particularly the words, ‘dignity’ and ones suggesting ‘poor reputation, perception,’ and ‘disorganisation’. As they read it, second nature’s Greek translation echoed in their minds –  the definitions becoming much worse; ‘tragic’, ‘undignified’ and even ‘dishonorable’ (in fact it’s difficult to translate them directly). The word ‘pride’ that Greeks inherited from their worldly ancestors, is inconceivably being buried.

Top Left and Top Right: Concepts 1 & 2 by Soula Mantalvanos
Bottom Right: Concept 3 Soula Mantalvanos & Amanda Cole

  • concept1
  • concept2
  • concept3

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