Design Online launches Offline

STUDIO:  Design Online
CLIENT:  SLQ Asia Pacific Design Library

From the SLQ Asia Pacific Design Libary comes the Design Offline Journal, which has been created to help you experience design lectures, conferences, and other design-related events in new and more meaningful ways.

The hardcover, ring-bound journal features six different lecture prompts that will challenge the way you to engage with presentations, and hopefully lead to you learning something new. The different prompts arranged by a number on the right of the page, and users are encouraged to “choose their own adventure” – work from start to finish or simply begin from a random number. A generous amount of space is also provided for note-taking and sketching too.

Design Offline can be purchased at The Library Shop or via Eventbrite with tickets to the UQ Architecture Lecture Series.

Content developed with Simon Lawry
Cover embossing by Little Peach
Photograph by Orion Zuyderhoff-Gray

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