“Remarkable” paper goodness for G.F. Smith’s Specials Applied

While we are used to drooling over the longstanding collaboration between G.F. Smith‘s Colorplan Papers and design studio MadeThought, the paper company has just released a new paper promotion with Brighton-based designers, StudioMakgill.

The studio have composed a simple promotional product for the paper giants to highlight selected specialist papers from across their collection. Called Specials Applied, the promotional display book “focuses on five different stocks from the Specialist range, combined with five different finishing processes that each transform the paper into something remarkable.” They state that the minimal design approach let the paper and processes speak for themselves.

“The main objective for us was to make sure it is the paper and the processes that does all the communicating and not to detract with busy graphics. An intricate system of die cuts allow the cover to become the contents and a window to the materials within.”



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