Do you have a ‘good book’?

Designer Bernd Kuchenbeiser’s new online venture A Good Book is an archive of well-designed books from around the world. The idea is to develop an online resource of carefully curated books that are aesthetically pleasing and ‘deserve to be savoured’ again and again.

“Books have personalities,” Kuchenbeiser explains. “They can be our companions and friends. A good book doesn’t deserve to languish on a bookshelf; it wants to be opened, read, savoured, displayed, recommended. That’s why this website exists.”

Kuchenbeiser first started the project on Twitter in 2011 but soon decided to develop an entire website in collaboration with Simon Zirkunow.

Most of the current collection comprises works from the field of literature, history, architecture, interior design and graphics, and a scroll through is accompanied by a narration about the book, the reader’s response and why it stands out. Many of these books are either out of print or have disappeared from general circulation, making the website a useful tool for graphic designers and bibliophiles alike.

The website invites submissions of ‘good books’ from readers as well.

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