DESIGNER(S):  Peter Trigar & Andrew Dore
CLIENT:  Publica

Throughout July, Domestique Pop Up Bar screened key stages of Le Tour de France – the race that stops a nation (sleeping). Put together by the team behind The Shadow Electric, the bar became a late night destination for the Northside (in Melbourne). CC&Co. were approached to create the visual identity, print and digital communication for Domestique. Having been involved in cycling for many years it was a project CC&Co. were delighted to be involved in.

A domestique is a cyclist who works hard within his team to benefit the team leader. They make sure they have enough food, water and are well protected from the elements during a race, much like the bar. Keeping this in mind, CC&Co. decided to create a logotype which emphasised the hard working nature of such a rider.

Initial ideas of cycling related iconography were soon dropped in favour for something more dynamic. CC&Co. used a play on words approach to the main functions of the pop up bar, cycling and drinking. The clever wordplay resulted in an approachable campaign that appealed to all levels of tour fans, from the simple ‘Ales & Alps’ to ‘Voeckler & Vodka’ for the more fanatical.

  • domestique_logotype
  • domestique_posters2
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