Dot Dash get cheeky with identity for London bakery, Fatties

Happiness comes in the form of carbohydrates, but when they’re housed in carefully designed packages they become all the more attractive. Not that we need another reason to indulge in baked goods, however, London-based design studio Dot Dash have just produced a seriously sweet and stylish identity for new London bakery, Fatties.

Having worked with a cluster of high-flying food companies in the UK, including the Cat & Mutton, EAT, Jamie Oliver and the Hawksmoor Group, the studio have already begun to develop a strong culinary client base. With a cohesive crackled pattern that is reminiscent of crusty loaves and sugar dusted pastries, the overall identity compares clean fine lines and the organic texture of baked treats. A royal navy blue, muted peach and cool white, shape a palette that speaks of modern refinement alongside indulgent sensory depth.

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Laura from the studio explains to It’s Nice That, “We created the name and design simultaneously with the idea of juxtaposing the connotations of the name with a clean, sophisticated design. This was done by playfully stretching the letters in the logos, with a modern colour scheme and a pattern and texture evoking the floured surfaces seen in bakeries. The overall objective was to produce an identity that was luxurious, playful and modern.”

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Cheeky and charming, the identity mocks it’s own joyful nature and celebrates the delight of food. Linear sans-serif typography is elongated to suggest confined over indulgence, housed by a textural pattern that looks good enough to eat and polished enough to keep. The complementary nature of sleek modernity and evocative textural pattern, creates a harmonious balance between modern execution and the charm of a buttery biscuit base.

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