Eastern Electrics rebrand by Accept & Proceed

Accept & Proceed have rebranded the Eastern Electrics music festival, in a style that celebrates geometric vector shapes and muted bubblegum hues. The studio worked from a ‘lightning bolt E’ and (an electrifying) bespoke Simplon Mono font, for use alongside commissioned Where’s Wally-like illustrations from Matt Johnstone. Some of the artists performing at the festival have even been rendered in caricatures, including Art Department, Kerri Chandler, Four Tet, Ellan Allien and Roue 94.

Drawing influence from last year’s festival identity, Accept & Proceed have incorporated similar shades of peach, pink, chalky blue and yellow — evoking a youthful association with summer. Yet where last year’s branding was simple and unassuming, relying on gridded, type-heavy compositions, the new identity seems to invite a sense of ‘electric’ fun and energy.

Held just outside of London, Eastern Electrics host local and international acts across three busy days and nights.


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