Elise makes slick and surreal imagery through sculpture and photography

Photographer and sculptor Elise has recently updated her website and garnered a heap of internet attention. Her unique and remarkably refined hybrid of multi-media sculpture, spatial arrangement, installation and photography has certainly captured the imagination of admiring creatives across the globe, and a style that has earned her recent commissions from British Vogue, Elle Magazine, Ford, Nokia, Sony Playstation and VW.

Her photographs, she writes, are images of “complex installations,” that explore “the relationship between two and three dimensions, and what it means to take, or make, a photograph.”

Sourcing pattern, form and texture from everyday life, her resulting shapes and installations have an eerie quality of the familiar, while inviting you to re-imagine a place where “space, graphics, objects, light and shadow connect and collide”.


  • elise1
  • elise2
  • elise2b
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