Fiji Airways identity

STUDIO:  FutureBrand Australia
CLIENT:  Air Pacific

FutureBrand Australia was selected by Air Pacific as its lead design partner to assist the airline with rebranding its identity and experience, as it transforms to ‘Fiji Airways’ in mid-2013.

When tasked to search for a new visual language for ‘Fiji Airways’, Air Pacific CEO Dave Pflieger sent the FutureBrand team out to Fiji’s Mamanuca outer islands. The team saw first-hand the respect that Fiji has for tradition and its traditional Masi art – an ancient art that embodies the spirit and stories of Fijian culture.

From there, FutureBrand partnered with Air Pacific and locally renowned Masi artist Makereta Matemosi to create the identity for ‘Fiji Airways’. Makereta created a traditional Fijian Masi for the airline, which is celebrated in the airline’s new identity and translated into its new livery design.

The team also helped design the new cabin interiors of the new ‘Fiji Airways’ A330 aircraft which have Makereta’s Masi motifs embedded in the details.

FutureBrand collaborated with typographer Kris Sowersby to create a custom all-capitals font named ‘Bula’ (the Fijian word for ‘hello’). The font was inspired by the hand-cut geometric quality of Fijian Masi, the motif print textures and the diamond at the centre of the Teteva symbol.

Credits: Masi art: Makereta Matemosi and family; Filming, editing, post production: FutureBrand; Sound design: S:amplify; Type: FutureBrand and Kris Sowersby; Photography: Mark Chew; 3D renders: Airbus.

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