STUDIO:  Goodoil
DESIGNER(S):  Michael Spiccia
CLIENT:  US Cellular

Goodoil’s Michael Spiccia has just finished shooting his second national American campaign in two months, directing six TVCs for US Cellular and Publicis & Hal Riney in San Francisco.

He filmed the launch TVC, Fireworks, on the rooftops of Willow studios next to the Los Angeles river, with Hal Riney Creative Directors Rich North and Adam Koppel.

Fireworks shows a fuse spluttering past cuckoo clocks and flashing neon letters towards a stick of dynamite, and launches US Cellular’s loyalty program.

Spiccia says his design background was useful in curating the neon letters, typefaces and analogue relics that make up each scene. He spent a lot of time pre-sketching different camera paths, trying various word shapes, objects and actions along the way, and all of the elements were filmed in-camera.

The six spots for US Cellular were shot over two weeks in Los Angeles and Toronto.

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