Flutter launches new website

Flutter is an animation and motion design company that specialises in animation movies and short graphic motion pictures for broadcast, film and digital channels. With over 100 illustrators and contemporary image specialists in its team, the firm offers quality products that also feature music and voiceovers.

Its clientele includes commercial enterprises such as Telstra, NAB, Pronto, Drinkwise Australia and many others. The team describes the firm as “a place that people go to have illustration brought to life through a transformation into animation.”

The company has recently revamped its website to reflect its artfully animated works. The new website is teeming with animations from various old and new projects.


  • 01-flutter-animstill_0047_Layer-11_0003_Layer-1-1400x787
  • 05-flutter-animstill_0047_Layer-11_0000_Layer-5-1400x787
  • 005._nabMan_Fun_v2_posesGlasses_lo-700x395
  • 008-700x395
  • 12-flutter-animstill_0046_Layer-12-1400x787
  • 17-flutter-animstill_0041_Layer-17-1400x787
  • 21-flutter-animstill_0037_Layer-21-1400x787
  • 41-flutter-animstill_0017_Layer-41-1400x787
  • 57-flutter-animstill_0001_Layer-57-1400x787
  • 58-flutter-animstill_0000_Layer-58-1400x787

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