Formwork accessories by Industrial Facility

Industrial Facility has launched a new collection of desk accessories for a range of stationery items. Designed for Herman Miller, the new Formwork collection, includes pencil cups, trays, boxes and media stands.

Made using ABS plastic, the accessories have a non-slip silicone base that adds to its suitability on any type of desk setting. The multi-dimensional design not only offers functional storage space for an eclectic mix of stationery, it also provides flexibility in terms of placement. Using the standard measurements of some of the commonly used desk items, the accessories are designed to suit both corporate and personal settings.

The collection has been on display at the British Council’s Guild exhibition in Cape Town. It will be available for purchase from Industrial Facility’s online shopping portal, the Retail Facility.

Industrial Facility is a creative design studio based in London, specialising in the namesake, industrial designs for a range of clients.

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