Fox Sports Ident

STUDIO:  Digital Pictures
DESIGNER(S):  Finn Spencer
CLIENT:  Fox Sports | Premier Media Group

Digital Pictures created a CG ident for the Fox Sports network as part of its Australia’s Sports Leader campaign. The ident aired on 17 June and will be broadcast before all live Australian and international sporting events across all Fox Sports channels.

We were given complete creative freedom in conceptualising and producing the Fox Sports ‘experience’. It had to be cinematic in scale and size and have a broad appeal for a wide demographic. It was all about Fox Sports getting their viewers closer to the game.

The Digital Pictures’ team developed a narrative that centres on a father and son who go on the Fox Sports ‘experience’ together. It was important that we took viewers on a fast paced roller coaster ride that encompasses all the excitement and impact of a live sports event. So we created the ‘Fox Sports pod’, a space-age travel device, that transports our characters on an action-packed journey through an ultra-modern metropolis and into the best seat in a stadium bursting with passionate sports fans.

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