French designer turns learning to write into child’s play

Writing is foremost a mode of expression. Its acquisition implies the learning of graphical systems, and of the syntactical and semantic logics that govern the language it represents. In that sense, its teaching involves two important challenges; it relies both on the building of a theoretical understanding as well as on the production of graphic forms.

Apprendre à Écrire (Learning to Write) by Éloïsa Pérez, is an educational project that questions the graphic dimension of writing and handles the learning of script during primary school, starting with the first line a child will draw. The project encourages the initial irregular gestures made naturally by children, and conditions their progressive evolution towards conventional forms by working closely with a model. When trying to understand the evolution of creating such learning paths, we mainly look at the graphic systems which are already in place across modern curriculum and the resources made available by educational merchandisers. The project was developed during workshops that were run as part of regular classes, providing a forum for discussion directly between the designer and the teacher.

From July 2015 onwards, the whole project will be presented by Learning Forms.

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