Frontvis adds to record collection with poster series

Frontvis represent a collective of existing design studios and select designers in the UK that provide art direction and design to clients in the music and entertainment industry. Forging a space in the highly-competitive arenas of record cover design, tour posters and other promotional music material, Frontvis exist beside 4AD, Factory and Ghostly as a group that provide the holistic memorable image of a musical group, a commercial identity that carves their visual niche alongside the artist’s audio presence, yet all without actually being the record company.

Frontvis has recently started developing limited edition posters, helping to define the practice of the individual designer within the group. Without the primary focus on music, the posters celebrate the pure image-generation of the collective.

Currently, there are a total of nine designers and design studios within the group including, Ross Gunter, Ben Roth, Dines, Jves, Anymade Studio, Sawdust, Petra Peterffy, Pyramid Studio and Foe Design.

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