Frooti new campaign by Sagmeister & Walsh

In a rebrand for Indian mango drink brand Frooti, Sagmeister & Walsh has channelled and refined the frenetic energy of the country — its hyper colour palette, its sprawling population — into a playful new mini-mecca concept and campaign across print, social, web, games, and a television commercial.

“When Stefan and I visited India, we noticed how most of the billboard campaigns used a similar language: lots of text-heavy ads or straightforward images of people / product shots,” says Jessica Walsh.

“There are also numerous size formats, and billboards often overlap each other. The result is that the advertising landscape in many areas looks extremely busy and nothing stands out, as everything speaks in a similar language.”

Sagmeister and Walsh’s campaign follows on from Pentagram’s revival of the Frooti logo earlier this year (which had been untouched for 30 years) and features a miniature world revolving around to-scale Frooti juice boxes. The colourful Utopia is populated by tiny-scaled model people, vehicles, plant life and real mangoes. Brought to life with stop-motion animation, each character was designed down to the details of the clothing, and 3D printed in each of their poses struck during the film.

Sagmeister & Walsh writes, “Only the Frooti packaging and mangoes were kept in real life scale. This allowed the packaging and the mango to appear as the hero of the shots while allowing us to tell stories and add moments of humour. We introduced four bold colours to the brand which complement the yellow of Indian mango and add a sense of playfulness across the imagery.”

The studio hopes the stop-motion technique and the miniature world becomes a reusable visual language for the brand for years to come.

All images courtesy Sagmeister & Walsh

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