Gateway 241

STUDIO:  Frost* Design
CLIENT:  Valad Property

Frost* has developed the brand strategy, name and identity for a commercial property development on a site at Mascot, near Sydney’s international airport (soon to be vacated by Qantas). The agency rolled out the work across a marketing campaign for Gateway 241, aimed at securing a major international company to take on a long-term tenure in the office building.

Frost* focused on the word ‘connectivity’, as a reference to the property’s location at a major connection point. This brand essence led to the name Gateway 241 – located at 241 Riordan Street, it’s the tallest building in the area, and has views of the airport, ocean and CBD creating a strong sense of connection to the immediate city hub and wider world beyond.

The name is realised as a mark which communicates connectivity, by splitting and stacking the word ‘Gateway’ and reconnecting it with the numeral four. The numeral also mirrors the form of a runway, the view and surrounding landscape.

Bold typography and data displayed as infographics for impact and easy consumption, are brightened with a bespoke accent colour, Gateway 241 Green, created especially by Frost*. The branding and design work has been applied across brochureware, interactive presentation, microsite, a display suite and a digital flythrough of the property.

  • FROST-Gateway-Brochure_5
  • FROST-Gateway-Brochure_4
  • FROST-Gateway-Logo_1
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