Gemma O’Brien’s The Spew Bag Challenge

Gemma O’Brien, Sydney-based typographer, hand-letterer and illustrator, has used the  time that she regularly spends on international flights and in long-haul transit as a window for typographic opportunity.

Born out of boredom and as an alternative time-killer to in-flight entertainment, O’Brien’s ‘The Spew Bag Challenge’ requires equal parts of turbulence-mastering penmanship and a mind for vomit-related puns.

‘Halley’s Vomit’, ‘Harajuku Hurls’ and ‘Licence To Ill’ are just a few examples of O’Brien’s in-bad-taste spewbag slogans. With a client list including Woolworths, Vodafone, Smirnoff, Canon and The New York Times, ‘The Spew Bag Challenge’ is a demonstration of O’Brien’s diverse typographic capabilities, as well as her sharp wit.

O’Brien’s typographic work is now being featured in an exhibition titled You Make Me Sick, which showcases 26 of her puke bag designs.  You Make Me Sick will open Thursday 28 November, from 6pm to 9pm, and continue until 3 December at Pop Up Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

For a full look at all of O’Brien’s sick bag designs, visit her Tumblr page.



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