Golden Sans documents the typography of the Gold Coast

STUDIO:  Andrew Suggit

Golden Sans is a new project by designer Andrew Suggit that aims to capture and catalogue some of the Gold Coast’s most famed type based signage – from local hotels, motels, and shopfronts.

Almost entirely void of people and activity, the images focus solely on the letterforms and signs of bygone eras, taking you on a nostalgic typographic expedition through the streets of this coastal Australian town.

According to Suggit, the aim here is to doccument the rapidly disappearing graphics which have “helped forge the identity of the Gold Coast, and (are) eternally etched into the memories of anyone who has called the Gold Coast home.”

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Hat tip to Damien Aistrope for pointing us towards this project.

  • desktop-magazine-gold-coast-typography-8
  • desktop-magazine-gold-coast-typography-1
  • desktop-magazine-gold-coast-typography-2
  • desktop-magazine-gold-coast-typography-3
  • desktop-magazine-gold-coast-typography-4
  • desktop-magazine-gold-coast-typography-5
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  • desktop-magazine-gold-coast-typography-7
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