Griffith Criminology and Criminal Justice Brochure

STUDIO:  Junior
DESIGNER(S):  Creative Director: Jonathan Drapes, Art Director: Alan Crowne, Copywriter: Charles Schaefer, Account Director: Bart Guy, Print Producer: Todd Adams
CLIENT:  Griffith University

The agency was tasked with updating Griffith University’s A4 Criminology and Criminal Justice brochure. The purpose was to make the brochure more relevant to school leavers. The solution was a very different sort of brochure.

  • GU_Criminology_Brochure_4
  • GU_Criminology_Brochure_5
  • GU_Criminology_Brochure_6
  • GU_Criminology_Brochure_3
  • GU_Criminology_Brochure_1

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