Grosz Co.Lab transform illustration into a music studio

STUDIO:  Grosz Co.Lab
CLIENT:  High Fangs

Having developed an extensive range of ID, packaging & promotional design for 3 piece band High Fangs Grosz Co.Lab was tasked with devising a concept, creating a set and art directing a film clip to support the band’s upcoming single launch.

The logical conclusion was to take their developed 2d visual language into a 3d execution.

Consisting solely of found materials, the studio pieced together 34 cardboard boxes, 375 bottle tops (donated by friends), 52 A4 laser prints, 4 drum sticks, 4 metres of twine, 5 rolls of sticky tape, 9 litres of PVA glue and some hand torn paper to create a set built entirely in-house at the Grosz Co.Lab studio. The end result is a range of meticulously detailed guitars, instruments, studio consoles, drums and guitar pedals to be featured in the upcoming film clip.

“At one point the completion of the set was put on hold,” reported the studio. “However, when attending the London AGI Open, we were asked by Stefan Sagmeister—along with the rest of the audience—to complete a project that was ‘contributing to the residue of incomplete tasks’. The sets were then completed in the weeks following our return to Melbourne – thanks Stefan!”

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