Hattie Stewart’s doodle-bombed magazine covers

UK-based illustrator, artist and self-proclaimed ‘professional doodler’ Hattie Stewart will be showcasing her latest collection of ridiculous, sub-pop ‘doodle’ work at a solo exhibition in London from 28 March. The month-long exhibition will include Stewart’s recent project entitled ‘Hello Cheeky’, which is a series of doodle-bombed covers of some of the most popular magazines, and well-known faces, in the world.

The exhibition will run from 28 March until 26 April at the No Walls Gallery in Brighton.


  • hattie-stewart-playboy-raquel-welch-800
  • hattie-stewart-beyonce-gentlewoman-842
  • hattie-stewart-gq-jessica
  • hattie-stewart-hello-cheeky-scarlett-dazed-842
  • hattie-stewart-lorde-rolling-stone
  • hattie-stewart-love-miley-842
  • hattie-stewart-nme-grace-842
  • hattie-stewart-ponystep-842
  • hattie-stewart-rihanna-march-vogue-842
  • hattie-stewart-rolling-stone-miley
  • hattie-stewart-time-marilyn-842
  • hattie-stewart-w-miley-cyrus-842
  • ste f

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