Hearting a Tune

STUDIO:  Jenna Read
DESIGNER(S):  Jenna Read
CLIENT:  Self-initiated

‘Hearting a Tune’ is a series of nine vector illustrations, each of which visually represent the title of a song that has the word ‘heart‘ in it. A range of visual styles was employed in this series to reflect the eclectic mix of songs represented.

This series was exhibited in February 2013 as part of the We Heart Collective group exhibition, We Heart Music, on the Gold Coast. The We Heart Collective: ‘Fourteen women, fourteen hearts ‘hearting’ various things.’

Photography by Camille Nathania Santiago.

  • Your-Heart-is-an-Empty-Room
  • This-Heart-Attack
  • The-Sound-of-your-Heart
  • Shape-of-My-Heart
  • Hearting-a-Tune
  • A-Ballad-For-The-Bleeding-Hearts

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